Max-FT without discussion is the most advanced and effective training program when it comes to fat loss. It’s not a program copied from different women’s magazines that have a different training & weight loss programs every week. You may follow the program from one particular issue and find the following issue will tell you something totally different and contradictory to the previous one, causing a great deal of confusion. You try the first program and may get little results, you give the following program a try hoping that this will work wonders for you. Do not despair. We all make these mistakes. In my 20 years of training I made some too. The good news is that through all my years of training I have amassed a lot of knowledge, which has resulted in one of the best fat loss training programs available. (Max-FT)


The Max-FT program is designed to get results, whether you are professional fitness competitor dieting for a figure shaping contest or a house wife wanting to lose those extra few kilo’s you have put on. With Max-FT you can achieve your goals.


You may be asking yourselves, where did Max-FT come from, how did it start and who started it. This program is unique and one of the most effective programs you will ever see. It is a variation on the Max-IT training program. Presently I am using the Max-IT program myself in preparation for the IFBB Mr Universe (World Championship). With Max-IT we have noticed that you not only put on muscle mass but you also lose body fat as well. Taking this into account, we have modified the training program for ladies and incorporated it to be used with our fat loss supplement, Extreme Cuts, thus increasing the rate of fat loss but at the same time toning your body.

Combine all this very crucial information with Max-IT and Max-FT and I’ll guarantee you will never change your training program ever again.

I will show you how to stay away from all the cheap supplements and the companies with offer a lot of hype and no results.

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